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JOSIE: $400

EMILLEE: $275+


- a form of semi-permanent tattooing done by hand with a hand-held tool. By using an artistic eye + percisoin we’re able to achieve the finest “hair-like” strokes. This method creates the most natural looking results. Microblading is less invasive than tattooing as we are only into the epidermis layer of the skin. This allows for the lines to heal thinner, with less blurring over time. The use of our high-quality iron-oxide pigments (rather than traditional tattoo inks) allows for a more natural fading process, unlike lower quality or tattoo pigments that become discolored as well as distorted overtime!

Microblading is a 2 Step Process

- the most natural enhancement

- recommend for normal - dry skin



JOSIE : $450

Microblading + Shading involves a different technique of that of just traditional microblading. This technique allows us to achieve a more filled in brow. The intensity of the pigment is determined upon consultation, sometimes the shading is used to just blend course hair in with the microblading strokes, other times it can be used to achieve a very filled in “dip brow” effect!

Microblading + Shading is a 2 step process

- recommended for all skin types

- highly suggest for oily skin (higher saturation level)

- recommended for those who wear makeup regularly



Yes, we can give you a semi-permanent natural-looking sun-kissed look through micro-pigmentation!  You can have as many freckles as you want or just a beauty mark!

Starting at $50